I'm very pleased to report that it certainly does take the horrible jar or bang when the tinny or boat slams down on the flats of its hull.

I had to remind myself in several occasions to sit down on the chair, because I so naturally stand when I'm about to cross a Riviera wake or come in through the bar in choppy conditions. But when you do sit, the reward is pretty much as they say - it puts 'the glide back into the ride', and reminds me very much of the sort of dampening you get from an adjustable office chair set on a fairly hard setting.

It's a beautiful bit of design, of that there is absolutely no doubt. And yes, I'd go so far as to quite happily say that I wouldn't own one of our typical tinnies (such as the Topenders, Barra Boats, Side and Centre Consoles, etc) where pedestal seats were involved without having the Wave Master® installed..

- Peter Webster, Senior Editor, Boatmags Pty Ltd

Got one in my boat it's awesome, compact not all the bulk and lightweight

- Kirt Hedquist, USA, February 2011

I have 2.....got to keep the wife happy!

- Daniel Meisner, USA – February 2011