I purchased my 570 Top Ender about 15 months ago, I spent allot of time deciding what I really needed. We like reef fishing, but also wanted a boat for rivers and dams and not too heavy to tow up the Gulf etc. I am extremely happy with the boat and its performance, regally going 60 km off shore from Yeppoon. However the last 10... hours were much better, I purchased 3 Wavemaster drop-in pedestals the ride improved that much that it is hard to explain, as I was told the hardest thing is getting use to not jumping up when you see a back breaker coming. They should become standard equipment. I thought the electric winch was good value but the pedestals kill them. Thanks Toni for your great service.

- Greg Barnett, Emerald, QLD – February 2015

About the feel of Wave Master. I have asked my customer. He is boating with a Bayliner eEplorer 18 feet (fishing Boat) on the Water Ostsee. Small and short waves and sometimes rough. (3-4 sm). Now here is the feedback ;)

"After a few trips I can ride seat frame perfectly. Recommend. It cushions the hard and painful blows very well and protects my Back. More with a cold beer”.

- Sepp, Customer of Durdel Wassersport – Service – Heidenau, Germany

My Seafarer Voyager rides pretty well, but as I venture further offshore I have found the likelihood of weather conditions changing increases, and these longer days are taking their toll on my body. I had read about these pedestals in Boatmags and thought I should make some enquiries thinking they were for tinnies predominantly, and subsequently purchased two of them. I was initially sceptical but as I have retrained myself to sit down when motoring, I have found that these pedestals are the real deal. They do take the edge of the jarring that comes with tough conditions. I have also found them to be a boon when trolling lures for hours on end also. And to top it off, they are a fantastic quality item also. Well done guys, a great product.

- Paul Flynn, Sydney, NSW – August 2014

These are awesome gave them a good test last week. Had a wounded warrior event in Green Bay. 3'chop on top of 3'swells. Then you get the rogue wave where the bottom falls out! My guys were happy and impressed! Normally it would feel like your spine went thru the top of your head. We had none of that.

- Dan Meisner, Merrill, Wisconsin USA - August 2014

I was a Co-angler with Scott Duncan in a tournament on Green Bay, Wisconsin. We battled 4 to 6 footers to get to our spot. Scott was in tourney mode and showed no mercy. It was great I just relaxed and rode the wave! I NEED them! Actually my back fell in love with them.

- Dan Meisner, Merrill, Wisconsin USA - January 2014