My boat ride is now suitable for sitting in most weather conditions, and as our fishing spots are about an hour’s run, it is a big benefit to arrive feeling fresh, not to mention the saving in sore backs and knees.

- John Hunt, Victoria Point, QLD – August 2015

Hi guys, photos of your wave master pedestal fitted our Formosa 550 centre cab. The wave master has made a big difference in the ride for my wife on trips across Moreton Bay to Moreton Island now she won't stay out of the boat with no more jarring. We will definitely be in touch soon to get for my side as they really do improve the ride thanks so much for making her not worry about a rough ride home.

- Colin & Khristine, Bracken Ridge, QLD – August 2015

My mate Paul let me test your Wavemaster Seat Support suspension seat in my Quintrex Renegade the past few weeks. My boat is only 4.6m but it handles itself fairly well in the chop for its size, but there have been countless times when I've come home with a sore back, neck and a headache after crossing the Darwin harbour or Shoal Bay with the afternoon seabreeze. I was a little bit sceptical that this seat pole would make much difference but was very keen to give it a go.

I have to say the difference in the ride has been substantial since adding the pole to my seat. There are times when there is still a bit of slap of course, but I would say these days are now few and far between compared to before. I have swapped the seat with my passenger seat too, to get their opinions and they all say they want one now for their boats too. This is a great product and so long as it’s durability holds up over time, I would say this seat pole is a winner for sure and worth the money. I give it the thumbs up because it works. Cheers.

- Chris Fuller, Darwin – Australia’s Top End – July 2015

For anyone looking for a shock absorbing style seat pedestal, look no further. I put 130hrs on my Ranger 621 last season, with probably 75% of that on Lake Erie, and can say without hesitation that these bases are the real deal. They have 3" of travel, no bulky contraptions involved, a clean factory look, stock ride height, no ejection seat bouncing, and best of all, I never bottomed mine out a single time last year.

The smartest 20 minute accessory install I've ever made to a rig, hands down. If you're in the market or have question I'll be glad to help answer them. Get a hold of Scott Duncan as I know these were tough to finally get to the states and I'm guessing they won't last long!

- Randy Eyre, USA – March 2015

These pedestals are the real deal guys. I had a set of the reworked prototypes all season last year, and they're just plain awesome. 3" of travel with no bottoming out jar. No bulky contraptions. A+

- Randy Eyre, from the USA – March 2015