Just wanted to send some pictures of the boat with the Wave Master seats installed

- Jim Preissner, USA – November 2015

I purchased the Wave Master suspension pedestals for my 621 Ranger. I live in Green Bay WI and spend most of my time on the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. I have tried multiple other suspension seats in the past but was never happy with how bulky they were. I also didn't like the spring feeling like I was going to launch out of my seat . The Wave Master takes care of all of these concerns. The seat pedestals, look stock, are super easy to install, and really work nicely to absorb the shock when running in rough water. I would highly recommend these pedestals to anyone and everyone who is looking for the highest quality aftermarket seat post to save your back and body!

- Mario Nanna, Owner Fishin Fury Charters, LLC, professional walleye and muskie tournament fisherman – USA – November 2015

I installed the Wavemaster Cadia's in my Tuffy 1890 which is a nice riding boat to begin with but the Wavemaster Cadia's made the ride that much better. I like the compact and clean design of the Cadia's other suspension seat bases had all kinds of extra linkages, weight and bulk.

I fish tournaments with my son across the upper Midwest and the Cadia's make our time on the water more enjoyable.

- Kirt Hedquist, NPAA #292, Minnesota – USA – October 2015

I have been running your Wave Masters for one year and they are the best suspension seats that I have ever run.  I have sent you some pictures of the inside of my 621 Ranger FS which I sold with the seats in it and I have a new boat coming. 

Just received my new Wave Masters from Scott Duncan and will be installing them in my new boat in a couple of weeks - the best suspension seats I have ever had in my life.

- Jim Preissner, USA – October 2015

I ran the Wavemaster Cadia seat bases this tournament season on my Crestliner Raptor. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are inexpensive, they cost roughly half the competitors. They took less than 10 minutes to install and my existing seat bracket set right on top making it even easier. They look clean and compact saving that ever so important cockpit space. Most importantly they saved my back and my co-anglers back.

I spent over 200 hrs on my main engine pounding waves in the Dakotas. Let me tell you the prairie winds are brutal out here. Not once did I say mercy and turn back. At the end of the day I would get out of my boat like nothing even happened. Ready for the next day of the prairie winds

- Josh Olson #682, South Dakota – USA – October 2015